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Pastor Eddy Perez, a former Medical Doctor who felt the Calling of God in 1992, began his ministry in Central Cuba as a pastor-developer. Over the course of seven years, God used him to plant two churches in General Carrillo and Bartolome, Central Cuba. Pastor Perez and his family eventually faced persecution at the hands of the Cuban government until, in the year 2000, harassment was so intense, the Perez Family had to flee Cuba and come to the USA.

Upon his arrival, Pr. Perez and his family became members of Principe de Paz Church, Miami, where he was later Ordained into the Ministry of Word and Sacrament. He subsequently served two congregations: Messiah and His Light Ministries, where he currently serves. Both congregations are in Miami, Florida.

Pr. Perez is known for his uncompromising commitment to the authority of the Bible and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Pastor Eddy’s Book is available from SOLA Publishing!
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The Blowing Wind
The Power of the Holy Spirit in One Man’s Call to Discipleship

In “The Blowing Wind,” Pastor Eddy Perez has written a tension-filled firsthand account of his delivery from death to life in Christ. The autobiographical conversion story emphasizes the workings of the Holy Spirit’s transformative power, which took the author from a mostly unchurched childhood through a young adulthood strongly influenced by the sneaky sway of culture and evil forces of false religions; brought him to faith in Jesus and a firm renunciation of Satan; and miraculously put him in positions of church leadership and mission work spreading the joy of the Gospel, first in Cuba and now as a Lutheran Pastor in the United States.

Pastor Perez gives a heartfelt and unvarnished recounting of the Holy Spirit’s amazing work in his life and in the lives of others. In addition to speaking to the power of the Third Person of the Trinity, Pastor Perez’s story also offers readers a rare glimpse of the day-to-day struggles of simply being a Christian under Cuba’s communist regime, culminating with the cliffhanger recounting of his escape to the United States.

This tale of transformation is paired with an appendix that offers insightful questions on themes presented in each chapter, intended to help Lutheran readers reflect on the often-neglected topic of the Holy Spirit’s work in their own lives today.

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